Are apple macs just for designers and artists?

For years, the Mac vs. PC debate has been discussed, debated and argued. But the platforms and components are so different it is difficult to compare performance. Although Macs have been on Intel processors for some time now, and PC vendors are copying Apple style features, so in recent years things have become similar. And still there are discussions about the question are apple macs just for designers and artists?

It was only a few years ago if you asked the majority of PC users what they thought about Macs. They would most likely say they are mainly used by creative types, graphic designers and musicians.

Business people and entrepreneurs are becoming aware and starting to understand the Apple iMacs (desktop computers) and MacBook’s (tablets) can run any business PC application a PC can, but also enhance the users interaction with their computer experience.

Current Macs are much more perceptive and stable than PC’s running Windows Vista or 7. Furthermore, they can even run windows applications. Also Macs OS X operating system is not vulnerable to spyware or viruses. As a result, this allows the Mac user to surf the web with less worry.

Apple offer a technical support feature, which of those who pay for this option, allows unlimited in-person or telephone support from Mac expert who are very knowledgeable about the products. Apple has eliminated long hold times for telephone support. They invite users to receive in-person support or repairs at an Apple store.

Citipro can transfer all of your existing PC data to a new Mac. And can provide one-to-one training on any mac to get users up to speed with the difference between the Windows PC and Mac OS X operating systems.

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