Citipro Business Technology Assessment

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Upgrading systems with Business Assessment?

The CBTA (Citipro Business Technology Assessment) is an assessment of your business’s use of technology, potential areas of improvements, issues, weaknesses or frustrations. Furthermore, it will help you gain a better understanding of your business goals and allow us to identify ways to help you realise your business potential by generating more business, improving efficiency, reducing ongoing costs and frustrations. Further, our Business Technology Assessment involves:

  • Firstly a general analysis of your business, functions, requirements and processes
  • Review of your business’s online strategy
  • Assessment of website functionality & performance
  • Primary IT frustrations and issues
  • Business workflow & disaster recovery plan
  • Review communications & telephony costs
  • Business vision & goals

Moreover, we can make recommendations by understanding your organisation better and tailoring technology solutions to meet your business needs, streamline your business processes, solve technology issues and accelerate progress towards meeting your business goals.

We can also provide suggestions on trends, experiences, expectations and competitor activity in your industry segment.

Our CBTA is normally valued at $999 but we are offering this for $499 to select local businesses*.

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