At Citipro we aim to establish a long-term strategic partnership with businesses to provide and maintain their IT infrastructure & connectivity across a broad range of operating systems, applications and network architecture as part of our Business IT Support.

We help businesses by improving efficiency, reducing operating costs and enhancing market exposure. As a result, of using technology and sound business practices. At Citipro we can help to design and install computers, software and networks as well as provide ongoing software support and hardware maintenance to new or existing computer networks.

The after sales service of a network environment is often neglected which leaves companies with incomplete systems or malfunctioning software. Citipro recognises the importance of providing a complete solution. This involves spending the time and making the effort to ensure that installations, upgrades and repairs are complete.

We have a broad range of skills in desktop applications, Local & Wide Area Networking, Virtual Private Networks, Wireless Networking and are up to-date with the latest network technologies.

Systems Integration –  Network Support & Maintenance

Moreover, we provide a single point solution for business I.T. needs as part of our Business IT Support. Furthermore, in regard to invoicing, cost assessment of the whole project upfront, a single contact point for technical queries.

We offer design and maintenance services for a complete range of network environments. Moreover, this is including Copper Networks , Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Wireless Networks, NAS/SAN, WAN, and Fibre.

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