Data Recovery for Accountant

Client – Accountant

We recently acquired a client who thought they were backing up their data regularly. Their previous IT support company had not been monitoring or testing the integrity of the data the clients hard drive failed and brought the business to a halt. When the client came to us, we sent the drive to forensic recovery data service who were able to retrieve a portion of the data and allow us to get the client back up and running again and making sure that the Data was safely recovered.

Client Data Recovery Comment

“We did learn a valuable lesson. Moreover, it ended up costing is a lot more time and money to which could have been avoided. Hence choosing the right IT support company is essential. We thought that we had lost our valuable data forever. Our business decided to take advantage of one Citipro’s backup solutions after this event to prevent future headaches. We now have Citipro monitoring and testing our whole IT infrastructure and so far, everything has run perfectly”


To discuss protecting your date of if you have had a breach or lost your data, the possibility of recovering your data, please do not hesitate to contact us.