Do slow computers frustrate your staff?

Slow computers, delayed booting and shutdown problems are all common issues in businesses today, which only leaves staff frustrated, but high morale justify the cost of technology upgrades?

We all know what it’s like, after working long and hard all day in the office and can’t wait to get home. However, the problem is your computer is taking ages to shut down and you don’t know what to do. Well you are not alone.

Slow computers, delayed booting shut down problems are the problems of PC users everywhere and getting to the bottom of them can be a tricky process of elimination. Often if the computer is having problems regularly and downtime. And staff frustration is taking place and the computer is a legacy system. Then it is worth upgrading to a updated new computer.

Possible causes for slow computers

Cause of these problems can be anything from software or faulty drivers to dodgy video cards or hard-drive failure.

Try to check the following on a monthly basis:

  • Antivirus software – make sure this is up to date and working. Viruses and spyware are a cause of computer problems. As they can also lead to slower computers which can be very frustrating. Try to be on top of your internet security, it’s not to be taken for granted!
  • Keep your registry clean – In order for windows to flow correctly, use a registry cleaning program, check registry for errors. But remember don’t play with your registry unless you have backed it up.
  • Delete unused file – Don’t clog up your computer with files you never use. They are taking up memory and you will have slow computers.
  • Defrag and Free up disk space – Every time you have a look at a website or create a new file, the data is saved into your hard drive. As more data is added, it is spread over your hard drive in small fragments, slowing down your computer.

If you have carried out all of the above but still experiencing problems, then consider calling a professional. As it may be tempting to try and fix it yourself, but you could cause more problems than you started with.  IT solutions can sometimes seem complex to an IT novice, so if in doubt call an expert like Citipro. So, you don’t have to be frustrated about your slow computer. We will find the problem with the minimum amount of time, and you will be back on your desktop in no time.

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