Planning and development of a successful website

Whether your business is large or small, the key to making your website a success is to plan carefully. Citipro provides project management services to help you with the planning and development process from start to finish. Here is a guide for easy steps to a successful website:

Step 1. Planning

The first step in putting together your Internet strategy a success is to assess the plan and what your desired outcomes are for an online presence. It is vital that your company and the developer share a clear understanding of the agreed business and technology objectives of the online strategy.

Step 2. An appropriate name to use for your website.

Careful selection of your domain name is critical. This is your unique address on the world wide web and must be easy to remember, relate to your business and not be too long.

Step 3. Preparation and assessment

We work closely with you to evaluate existing branding or communications strategies, analyse requirements for content, and your market as it is important for easy steps to a successful website. We look at existing elements and audit their structure and content to help prepare for the design of your website:

  • Site functionality requirements
  • Corporate image and integrity
  • Content Management and/or Database requirements
  • Site structure and navigation
  • Colour themes & fonts
  • Graphic considerations
  • Photography, imaging or use of existing images and logos
  • Preparation of information and copy writing
  • Allocation of responsibilities for content control.

Step 4. Design and Construction

This is the stage where our expertise comes to light, having prepared a plan we begin the design and construct phase of your website, developing the website so that it can evolve to incorporate new technologies.

Step 5. Testing

Once visual and technical elements of the design have been fully integrated, its performance and functionality are tested. This is also an important part for easy steps to a successful website.
Having reached this phase, the system is ready for migration from the development system to the hosting platform. It is re-tested for functionality and performance in this environment.

Step 6. Deployment

Our aim in the deployment phase is to give the client ownership of the digital environment that we have created together, along with the tools necessary to forge successful relationships with future visitors.

Step 7. Marketing and Promotion

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when developing your web site is visibility on the Internet. We offer several packages designed to enhance your company’s accessibility on the Internet, through search engine submissions, advertising and marketing.

Step 8. Maintenance

Keeping your site content fresh and functional is the key to acquiring repeat visitors. This can be done quite readily if your website is based on a Content Management System. Alternatively, we provide technical support, ongoing promotion submissions and content updates through a custom maintenance program through our packages depending on your needs.

For further information on this easy steps to successful website and how to market it contact us.