What is the most cost-effective, scalable and reliable way to host a site?

Whether you are contemplating your company’s first Web site or looking to enhance an existing one, performance is a key consideration. Your customers will expect speedy connections and rapid response times. This Hosting FAQ can give you advice on this.

Faced with the prospect of buying yet another piece of complex, expensive server hardware, many organisations make the decision to partner with an external organisation for the hosting of their Web site, rather than manage the whole process in-house, on their own, bearing the costs and the risks, the need to buy and maintain server hardware and software, systems staff, and high-speed network connectivity.

By outsourcing the project your company does not tie up valuable resources and capital and allows your business to concentrate on their core business activities.

We can provide you with hosting solutions that can scale to meet your organisation’s changing business and technology needs with an emphasis on maintaining high access speed, reliability and good disaster recovery measures and expert support.

Hosting FAQ – Why get a Website hosted?

  • Better value for money – bandwidth, hardware and software, maintenance is a lot cheaper for a host specifically in bulk.
  • Hosting is an operating expense as opposed to a capital expense thus it is tax deductible in its entirety, as opposed to hardware which has to be written down over time.
  • No need to be concerned about technology upgrades or refresh cycles
  • Greater expertise – Getting your website on a dedicated hosting service by a host allows you to focus on your business. Furthermore, you have experts take care of any issues relating to the hosting of your website.
  • 24/7 monitoring of the web server.
  • Security – To protect your website from intrusions and other malicious attacks such as from viruses or hackers
  • Redundancy & back-up – Our hosting services back up data in case of a disaster.

We tailor our hosting packages based on individual requirements. For more information regarding this Hosting FAQ contact us today.