How to find the right domain name for your business

Modern times every serious small business should have some form of online presence. With social media making a large impact to online marketing, no longer can you just rely on your humble website.
Your domain name is your key; it points visitors in the direction of your content, and ultimately, your business. Here are some useful tips to remember when choosing:
Generally, your trading name and your domain name are pretty much the same. If you are operating a one-person professional trade, suing your own name is a pretty good start for example
The question on how to find the right domain name for your business is not easy to answer but do not come up with a cheesy name such as “Super Galaxy Picard Enterprises Pty Limited”, unless you want to hide from google and other search engines and effect your SEO.
The .au name has a lot of credibility and tells peoples you have a registered business rather than just a blog about cats or ride-on mowers. You can also or biz if you think your business name might get hijacked by someone else, but this usually does not happen.

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