3 simple tips on how to improve your website

1. Clear, well presented web pages

All your web pages should be clear, easy to read and flow. Therefore, content on your website should be easy for the user to find. Moreover, headers and sub headers should concise and relevant to the copy. Written copy should be aimed at the target audience and written in manor the user will understand this will be improving your website.

2. Do not over advertise on your web pages when improving your website

Once you have a potential customer viewing your site you don’t want to scare them away or annoy them with a flashing offer or special. Bombarding customers with advertising will only distract potential customers and even drive them away from your website.

3. Make your site as efficient as possible at every stage

Make sure it’s easy to find contact phone numbers, addresses, email addresses. Customers will only get annoyed if these details are not clear. If your site has a check out facility you want it to have as few stages as possible to get to the final checkout. Also make sure the check stages look secure and obviously are secure you want to scare the customer away at this final stage.

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