Q: What exactly do website designers and developers do?

A: We can handle all aspects of project management, planning and creating, developing and enhancing websites. This can include gathering marketing data, layout and design, programming, hosting and promotion. Our designers are mainly concerned with the look and layout of the site and it’s pages. Developers are concerned with the other aspects such as website promotion. Both work together to create a successful web presence.

Q: Should I promote my business on the Internet?

A: The Internet is a rapidly expanding medium for information, entertainment and business. Businesses now can use the Internet to promote their business and also to conduct business. Using the Internet you can publish information about your business and the products and services you sell. This is more cost effective than traditional methods and also enables small businesses to gain access to a wider international audience. If you have a website or Internet e-mail make sure you put the addresses on all your stationary and business cards.

Q: How much does a website cost?

A: Websites vary greatly in cost. A small site with only a few pages and a simple design may only cost a few hundred dollars. Whereas, a large elaborate site may be in the thousands of dollars. The best way to get an idea of the cost is to send us an inquiry. Our designers can then give you a more exact idea of the price.

Q: How do you ensure your clients needs are met?

A: We offer a personalised approach that ensures quick service and the elimination of as many problems and confusions as possible. As designers and developers, we want to ensure that you get answers to your questions and concerns and that your needs are actually met.

Q: What do I need in order to be able to sell on my site?

A: To be able to sell you need to have e-Commerce capabilities set up. The site would be set up to allow you to receive payment using merchant account facilities, a transaction interface and a secure web server. The merchant account allows you to accept credit cards. And the secure web server protects the information that is transferred over the Internet. Our designers can help you with these and other e-commerce options.

Q: How long does it take to get my website?

A: Since no two sites are the same, the time frame varies but we can usually get working on your site within a few days. The average small to medium site takes a week or two for it’s designers and developers to create and can be up and running soon thereafter.

Q: How do I get a domain name?

A: Firstly you must check for the availability of your desired name. If it is available then you can register it. If you would like to do a search now, Click here and follow the instructions.

Q: How can I get people to go to my website?

A: Having a nice site does not ensure that anyone except you will ever see it. Promotion is vital. Getting a site listed among the top rankings of the search engines is an effective means to get people to your site and should be included in the developers plans

Q: Why should I submit my site to the search engines?

A: The search engines are the most inexpensive form of advertising and in our opinion the most successful. If you are serious about getting visitors to your website submitting to the search engines is a must.

Q: Why should I submit every month?

A: There are several reasons to keep your web site promotion current. Link pages move older links to the bottom of the list, resubmitting puts you back on top. Search engines have a tendency to drop or lose sites from time to time. Resubmitting monthly ensures your site won’t ever get lost. Some web sites offer what’s new to the net sections every time you submit you get added to these lists.

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