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Relocation for Health and Beauty Company

Client – Health and Beauty Company

The Health and Beauty Company faced a deadline to move out of a leased office. Once their company had chosen a new office to move into, they contacted Citipro to help them with the relocation due to the size, scope and complexity of the move, they needed a company with the right processes, tools and people.

The relocation project was completed in only 2 days, with only 2 minor hardware issues that were resolved without service disruption. We exceeded client expectations, an example of what can be achieved with the right IT relocation company. We always provide a dedicated nonstop service ensuring customer satisfaction all the way through the process.

Clients comment

“Our lease had run out at our previous office and our landlord had given us notice, at first we thought this whole process of relocating would be a complete nightmare, but once we had decided on our new office and spoken to Citipro we were a lot more confident. Citipro handled everything, is was a complete weight off our shoulders”