How to source the right Software Developer for your company?

When choosing the right software development company there are a number of factors to consider. The first is whether you want a tailor-made bespoke solution or an off-the-shelf solution. Where bespoke is custom developed for your particular organization or business and off-the-shelf is software that has already been developed.

There obviously there are advantages and disadvantages for both. The best advantage of the off-the-shelf solution is price, and this is usually fairly cheap and is shared by a large number of users. It is also very sophisticated as it creates high revenue which means it has always been developed and improves. An example of these would be word and excel. On the other side the software packages are often quite complex which means large sections are never used and can sometimes take the user a long time to learn properly, and also other companies are on the same level, so it is difficult to gain advantage from the use of it.

The advantages of Bespoke software are they are written to meet specific needs and client requirements, designed around your business. It is very easy to use and requires less surveillance and results in few errors. The obvious disadvantage is cost, for a tailor-made software solution can often be expensive, also you need the source code otherwise your exposed, you are completely dependent on the developers otherwise.

Another factor to consider is outsourcing the software development offshore, which many companies are starting to do, which mainly comes down to cost, where you will save around 40% to 60%. One of the main issues with outsourcing is risk, you can minimize this by using an Australian based offshore software developer, or an agency whose business is to link clients with developers fitting certain requirements.

Factors when determining the right software development company

When choosing a software development company remember the following:

  • Determine your software requirements
  • Assess the candidate developers
  • Size of Developer
  • Communication Skills and Culture
  • What support do they offer
  • Have they quoted a reasonable price?
  • Legal Issues

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