Ultrabooks – Ultra sleek and Ultra responsive

Ultrabooks are the latest light weight, high performing portable computer which will probably see the end of netbooks which were only good for web browsing and basic document creation. The ultrabook is also in direct competition with Apple’s Macbook Air of which has very similar specification.

The new ultrabooks are very responsive the startup is instant, developed for an impatient generation! Design is sleek and thin similar to apple but design does not affect function and performance. The weight of the ultrabook’s currently on the market range from 1kg to 1.5 kg so you won’t need to lift weights to carry one!

The only similarity between ultrabooks and the outdated netbooks apart from being lightweight is price! The average ultrabook starting price is around the $1500 mark but I am sure that this price will fall. With all the major vendors bringing out models which one would you choose?

A personal favorite is the Acers Aspire S3 which is one of the high end ultrabooks. Which features a second generation intel core processor (1.7GHz) which easily handles intensive software and productivity applications. It comes with integrated graphics solution called Intel HD Graphics 300 sufficient for gaming. It features 4 GB of RAM more than sufficient to run several programs at once smoothly and has a substantial 240GB solid state drive sufficient for the programs of the day.

Ultrabooks are a fantastic computer device for modern lifestyle. Featuring most of the advantages of a regular laptop but with added bonus of being ultra-sleek, responsive, lightweight and portable.

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