How often do are you updating your website?

To attract people to your site and have them return regularly, website information always has to be up to date. So, updating your website is important.

Can you update your web pages?

Prior to setting up a website you need to consider whether you can change information on the pages yourself, or whether you need to pay someone to do it for you.

Updating a website yourself

A web designer can build a website which is easy to maintain from the beginning by using a content management system (CMS).

CMS used to be very expensive and in the realm of medium to larger sized organisations.

Moreover, CMS are being used for a lot of the modern websites that are being developed. Each page of the website is easy to edit without fear of accidentally disrupting the page layout. For example, changes can be made to catalogues, contact information, ecommerce, news pages and notices.

You can edit your website without any website programming knowledge.

Paying a web designer for updates

If you do not need to update your website regularly then it may be cheaper to have your website updated by a web developer.

The upfront development costs for a CMS based website are more expensive. But if you require regular updates of your website, then it is worthwhile having a website with a CMS.

It’s best to decide which method of updating your website will suit you before you get your website designed. Whatever you decide, for you website to stay competitive it needs to look up to date.

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