Website & Email Hosting

Websites & e-mail are located or hosted on computers that have a direct connection to the internet. Hosting Services can vary considerably depending on the requirements of the Website or email owner.

When selecting what hosting options to take it is important to consider such factors as your budget; whether you will be hosting in-house or externally; the type of operating system that is required; whether you will use a shared or dedicated hosting service and the reliability and speed of the service.

Flexible Solutions

Every business has different needs. As a result, we recognise the need to be flexible in our offerings and have developed a broad range of services to suit almost any requirement.

Budget conscious hosting

Shared or virtual web hosting is an affordable yet reliable alternative to having your web site hosted on a dedicated web server. Therefore, your Web site is located on a server with other sites, but you have your own domain name. Furthermore, you have protected directory for your site and email.

Hosting Services 

We have been providing hosting services to host our clients websites and emails since 1998. Our Hosting Servers are located in secure Australian data centres and not overseas like many of the other hosting company’s.

Our sites are hosted on fast, reliable servers with excellent bandwidth. Moreover, all plans have been specially configured to meet the needs of small to medium businesses.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to Website and Email Hosting and can be hard to keep am overview. If you need help regarding website and email hosting matters don’t hesitate to contact us.