Having a relevant domain name to your business is vital

The importance of having your own domain names cannot be over-emphasized. If you are running an online business, and don’t yet have a domain name, you are not gaining the maximum benefits of being online, because unless you have your own domain name, your customers will simply not feel comfortable buying from you.

It is never too early to complete this step. Domain name registration and web site hosting fees are separate from any design fees for your site.

More than 50,000 new addresses are registered each day. It is important to consider your target market are you targeting local or international markets or specific countries. This information will help you to determine what kind of domain names you want us to register for you. e.g. .com.au, .com, .net.au, .org.au, biz, and .info etc

In Australia the two most popular domain names for business end in .com.au, which is generally used for business conducted within Australia and .com which covers international business. If available, you should purchase .com and .com.au

In order to gain credibility when selling on the internet, you need to have your own domain names

Your own domain name:

  • Will protect your online identity
  • Increase brand awareness locally and globally with a domain name
  • Brand your emails to your business / brand name
  • Help to build and protect your invest in your online business.

To check the availability of a domain name or to register a domain name go to the Domain Console.

Why pay more than you have to, to register your domain name. Check out our prices. We will also find the best alternatives if your domain isn’t available and give you additional advice on domains to purchase. But if your domain name is taken but is not in use, we are experienced in negotiating and purchasing domain names. For more information on domain name registration contact us.