Generate more sales

To benefit from the Internet, your website must be accessible. It would be pointless to have a great Web site if it can’t be found. Using our experience, we can enable you to generate more sales and public interest by correctly marketing your site on the Internet as well as using other forms of media to provide suitable online solutions.

A lot of businesses have trouble attracting customers to their website to make purchases. Marketing your product or service in the “virtual world” is a major challenge, just like it is in the physical world. The effective online marketing of your site can mean the difference between its success and failure. The value of a website lies in the ability to deliver targeted traffic to your business.

There are a multitude of online marketing strategies to drive traffic to your website. The focus of your marketing strategy should be on the return on investment and results. As you have no doubt discovered the number of people using the Web has been growing at a phenomenal rate.

The best online solutions to promote your website

By far the best way to promote your website is through Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Comprehensive search marketing involves paid placement, paid inclusion and organic search engine optimisation. SEO will bring you results but it doesn’t happen overnight so you be patient unlike paid placements where results can be see instantly.

The web provides businesses with a way to reach unimaginable numbers of customers. It has become competitive, but full of opportunities. You can be competitive on the market. Once you have developed your website it is important to look at ways you can increase traffic to your site and more importantly how you can turn visitors into customers.

There are probably business owners who do not know much about the Internet especially how to market their products and/or service on the Internet and probably do not want to know as they are too busy with their day to day business responsibilities. But business owners may be missing out on some huge profits by not taking advantage of what the Internet offers.

Online Solutions – e-Newsletters

We can help design a e-newsletter campaign to keep your customers up to date on your latest developments, new products, services and offerings. E-newsletters are fantastic for keeping your business fresh in users minds and also a great way for your to collect potential customers email addresses.

Customer Databases

A database tied into the back end of your website can be a very useful tool for profiling your customers and helping to better understand there need. Databases can also allow your customers to easily search for your products and services, no matter how large an inventory you have.

Market research

We can provide marketing research to better define your best internet utilisation and to find out what your competitors are doing. e.g. Find out the daily rates and prices that your competitors advertise on there websites.

Quick Marketing Stratey Tip

“When preparing your marketing strategy to sell online you should offer a product or service that customers can reasonably decide to purchase on the Web and Take every strategic and tactical step possible to effectively market your site and your product”

Website Statistics

Monthly web statistics reporting – Monitoring of your site’s performance. Interpretation of statistics.

Online Solutions – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A majority of the world’s most used search engines still offer a free registration process. However, simply submitting to search engines does not guarantee visitors to your site. If people cannot find your site in the first 10 to 20 matches of a search. Then the submission is a waste of time. Search Engine Optimisation still offers the best return on investment over all other online marketing strategies. There are several reasons:

  • 2 Billion internet users daily!
  • 85% of web users start each of their internet sessions at a major search engine.
  • Anyone finding your site on a search engine is someone who was specifically looking for your company, product or service. That makes them much more likely to buy something than if they’d clicked on a banner ad out of curiosity

Banner advertising offers brand awareness but is failing to drive ‘value-for-money’ traffic to Australian web sites. Recent studies prove that banner advertising is becoming less and less effective. On average, banner ads result in click-through rates of less than 1%. Most web sites charge between $60 and $90 per one thousand impressions (which means you are charged every time someone sees your banner ad 1000 times, regardless of whether or not that person clicks on it and visits your site).

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most valuable strategies available to Australian businesses. Let us start launching your pages to the top of the search results. Among the most important services our website designers provide is search engine positioning to get your site up on top of the search engines. With our search engine optimisation service you can find out just how many enquiries you can acquire and how much money you can make!

Sign-up for only 2 months and you’ll find out what a difference our search engine optimisation will make to your website. For more information on how to improve traffic flow to your website, increase sales from the web, or to manage customer relations with our online solutions contact us