Should I market my law firm online?

The simple answer to this question is yes! A well designed, well written website and some form of SEO will defiantly get your site ranked highly in the search engines and deliver you qualified clients. So online marketing for lawyers is important.

Firstly, the goal for the majority of websites whether legal or other is to be on the first page of the search engines for their specific targeted keywords.

Prospects will often compare legal sites online. So, does your website reflect the image of your firm? Is your site attractive and compelling? And does it stand out and does it set you apart from your competitors?

We are currently offering a free website audit for law firms. Therefore, the audit will help us determine how your firm is competing in the marketplace, identify areas of improvement and highlight issues with your website search engine ranking.

I only advertise in the yellow pages

Yellow pages are a declining form of marketing and are very limited. Whereas online is the total opposite, its constantly increasing and the possibilities are huge. Online you can assure potential clients you are the correct firm for them. Online marketing also has a distinct advantage in that all traffic, customers and clients can be tracked. This makes it very easy to adjust any webpages and marketing to suite! Search engines are the number one source for customers looking for local businesses!

I only rely on referrals for business

Many law firms traditionally relied on word of mouth to promote their businesses but in this digital era even the more traditional firms are turning to online marketing. A website will give a client the right resource about your firm even before they pick up the phone because your website can show off your knowledge, experience and professionalism. If you are referred by someone, having a well thought website can be a great advantage if the potential client decides to research your firm online. The client can find out relevant information about your firm and feel at easy before they have even met you. The majority of the time a client would pick the firm with website over one without!

I’m too busy to take on more cases

If you are too busy, great! But you should ask yourself are the types of cases you enjoy most the ones that are most profitable? A good website and marketing strategy can deliver you the kind of clients you want! If the site is delivering you exceptional results you could consider taking on additional staff and growing the firm.

Concerned about website costs and maintenance

At Citipro we have solution for everyone and our scalable marketing solutions can be adjusted to your firm and grow with your firm. Our websites can be easily updated and maintained.

So, attract the right clients, cases and grow your firm with one of our customized websites and online marketing solutions for lawyers from Citipro.