Have you considered surveillance in your business?

Many businesses are now implementing CCTV surveillance systems, whether it is in retail or an office-based company. It allows you monitor customers and staff. If you are a small or medium business, implementing some form of digital video surveillance should always be considered. Moreover, not just to monitor the customer but also the staff.

CCTV digital video surveillance will provide you with the following services:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Digital video recording
  • Video management software
  • High resolution CCTV cameras
  • Infrared
  • Movement detection
  • Multi viewing options
  • Viewable over the internet or via smart phones with 3G

The Digital Video Surveillance IP cameras can be viewed remotely 24/7, images and sound can be recorded for playback in the future. The software enables you to record from multiple cameras simultaneously, therefore multiple cameras can be viewed at the same time. The recorded images are displayed clearly with graphic expressions, like the calendar, date and time, which makes it easy to check images determined by the camera name, recording zone or recording method. This also makes it easy, convenient to retrieve, play recorded images and to convert or edit files.

The system is also fitted with motion detection, therefore only records when people or objects are detected. A fantastic feature of the motion detection is that you can specify a particle area to activate the motion detection switch. For example, there might an area in the camera view which is constantly moving and all you do is deselect this area. A timer-recorded function allows you to start and stop recording at specified time, this makes the digital video surveillance system suitable for any situation.

An advantage of the IP cameras is they can also be used for training purposes. As you can record images with audio. Managers can use real life scenarios to demonstrate and practice good or bad examples, which in turn can improve existing and train new staff.

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