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Online solutions for the legal profession

Some law firms have overlooked their online branding and online presence but in today’s world it is vital! Often if a person is going to do any research on a firm the first place they will look is online! This also applies if a client is searching for a law firm.

Free Online Marketing & Website Assessment

Are you happy with your current website?
Is your firm generating referrals from the web?
Is your firm’s website ranked well on Google?
Has your website’s search engine rankings declined?

Law firms have traditionally relied on word of mouth to promote their business, but in recent times foward-thinking law firms have looked at better ways to market and promote their firms.

Having a strong web presence, an attractive website and informative content is essential for your legal practice, but what’s the point in having a great website if it doesn’t attract new visitors and is not generating potential clients for your practice?

Our Free Online Marketing & Website Assessment is designed to highlight issues with your website search engine rankings, how rankings can be improved, how to drive more quality traffic to your website and ways to convert this traffic into potential business for your firm.

The assessment includes;

  • Website overview
  • Websites visibility assessment
  • Home page assessment
  • Meta data assessment
  • Competitor analysis
  • Search engine review
  • Keyword analysis
  • SEO recommendations

Don’t get left behind! Your website is vital marketing tool for your practice and our assessment will help you identify ways to increase visibility to potential clients. Contact us today for your Free Online Marketing and Website Assessment.

This offer is for a limited time only and only available to the legal profession so contact us today.