How secure is your data?

It is important to protect yourself from Hackers, Viruses and other malicious attacks when on the internet. Your personal information is at risk, especially sensitive data such as credit card or banking details. That is why IT Security is important.

Breaches of security are embarrassing, costly and can destroy the confidence your clients have in you. Using secure state-of-the-art firewalls, workgroup and server security, regular integrated virus protection, and intrusion detection systems, Citipro can implement a comprehensive plan of incident prevention, while monitoring suspicious activity for potential security analysis and criminal prosecution. Whether you are concerned with corporate espionage, malicious hacking, or simply unauthorized use of your networks, Citipro can design a security plan to fit your needs and budget. Citipro’s network security services can help you enforce the security policy of your network by providing:

Security policy consulting

A comprehensive security policy incorporates sound physical security, well-researched employee appropriate use standards, and a thorough plan for incident response. Citipro is an industry leader in computer security and can use its expertise to design a security policy suited to your needs, your budget, and the dangers you face.

Firewall design

A firewall is a suite of software, located at a network gateway server, that protects your network from users from other networks. For example, a company with an intranet that allows its workers access to the wider Internet wants to allow certain sorts of information to go out (such as HTTP requests for Web pages) and certain other sorts of information to come in (such as the HTML code that a browser interprets into a Web page).

However, many other sorts of information should not be allowed in, and the company may also wish to restrict what sort of information its employees send out. The firewall, often installed in a specially designated computer separate from the rest of the network so that no incoming request can get directly at private network resources, prevents outsiders from accessing the organization’s private data resources, and controls to which outside resources its own users have access. Citipro’s years of experience designing firewall systems allow us to design a secure firewall for your needs.



Ensure the security of your Computer and Network

Anti-virus maintenance

The cost of a virus to a business from a virus infection can be direct (lost sales or productivity), or more subtle (a loss of client confidence). You need to be able to protect yourself from viruses that act immediately (such as the common email virus that sends a copy of itself to everyone in a given address book) as well as viruses that lie dormant until a specified time. It is essential to be able to actively recognize viruses and prevent them from entering your network; to regularly update your protection and to minimize the impact of any virus that circumvents the firewall. It is also essential to regularly backup mission-critical data and routinely re-evaluate virus threats.

Spyware protection

One of the biggest security threats that has more recently emerged is threat of spyware and associated malwares such as trojans, hijacking, keyloggers etc. Antivirus software often does not detect these threats. That can reside on your systems without your knowledge, sending sensitive data such as passwords and credit card information to unauthorized persons.

Intrusion detection systems

Citipro, in partnership with industry leaders in intrusion detection, can install and maintain 24-hour monitoring software that detects intrusions into secure networks, and notifies you immediately. In addition, the software collects and maintains information on network traffic. Dedicated staff monitor these logs for suspicious activity, as well as permitted traffic that deviates from normal patterns.

Insider threat protection

The most common misuse of computer networks is the inappropriate access of employees to restricted information. Whether your risk is from a disgruntled employee seeking to cause malicious harm, or from a more organized attempt at corporate espionage, Citipro’s security precautions ensure that your security protections are as resilient against internal threats as they are against threats from the outside.

Incident Response

Should you be the victim of a security incident, Citipro can help you recover. From the patching of security holes to the rebuilding and recovery of crucial systems Citipro can help get your business back on its feet as quickly as possible. If you need to compile evidence for potential criminal or civil litigation, there are specific measures you must take. Cleaning up from a computer security incident can be very challenging.

The value of data to any business is very high and it is costly to acquire and potentially even more costly if one suffers data loss, corruption or intrusion, so the question is not “Should I protect my data?” but “What should I use to protect my data?”

There are so many security products available, how do you make the right choice?

At Citipro we spend a considerable time researching the market and testing the claims of product suppliers against rigorous performance criteria. We then select those products that pass the selection process and add them to our portfolio. We have no allegiance to any particular product so after a careful and detailed assessment of your requirements we are able to propose the most suitable security product for your network.

For more information on the security of your network and data and the prevention of attacks contact us