Good looking websites integrated with online marketing strategy

Well-designed graphics are an important factor for a successful website. Your logo, corporate identity and website should work together to “brand” your business. Online branding should form part of your marketing strategy to get people to easily remember your products or services over your competitors. Our designers give special consideration to online branding when designing your website and offer professional, stylish, high quality and unique graphic design, that will create or enhance your business’s brand. Depending on your budget we will recommend and provide services to assist you with your branding strategies to allow people to better identify you and trust you more than your competition. Therefore, use our Web Strategy Consultancy services. These services include:

  • Business name registration
  • Domain name registration
  • Trademark registration
  • Logo design
  • Graphic design
  • Still Photography
  • Video Photography
  • Copy writing (writing information) about your business, products and services
  • Marketing


Web Strategy Consultancy – Cost effective website design, hosting, marketing and consulting

Citipro is a full-service web development company committed to providing your business with professional, cost-effective website design, hosting, and consulting services. We can establish your business on the Internet quickly, with a complete, custom web site solution to meet your specific business needs.

We begin our design and development process by gaining a deep understanding of our clients, their products and markets and their customers’ needs. Whether you need to build a new web site or redesign an existing one, let us show you that we can design something that will impress you. Furthermore, we can establish or improve your internet presence with stuff as simple as logo or background enhancements, or design from scratch a high-tech site with all the enhancements to get you noticed.

Further, we will build your site with information that you provide utilizing your current marketing materials or we can create a whole new image for you from scratch. Hence Citipro can add or create custom buttons, links, button bars, graphics, some animation, image maps, electronic forms, Flash, java scripting, Java applets, CGI scripting, and much more.

We can help to focus your business image and deliver the information your customers seek. We will perform an initial consultation to review your business and its’ activities along with the best marketing approach to adopt.

Our complete planning coordinates all aspects of the website. The site’s use, structure, design, budget, maintenance, promotion and marketing, all need to be taken into account by it’s designers and developers.

Web Strategy Consultancy – Our Team

Our design professionals bring to the research and discovery process, wide-ranging experience with products and services of every kind with an unsurpassed level of technical skill. That expertise underlies our entire design methodology and results in products and marketing materials that are uniquely usable, solidly branded and destined for market success. Our clients depend on us to both build effective new products and boost the usability and marketability of existing designs.

Graphic Design

Your web presence must be custom fit to the way you do business. Therefore, our designers create quality graphics and artwork which increase the website’s appeal and further its purpose. We can either create new graphics and artwork or utilize your existing graphics and photos. Our expert page layout and design creates pages that are aesthetic, understandable, easy to use and easy to navigate. We can create any graphical design element you’re looking to add to your site, including animation, 3D or simple logo design. In addition to this, we can also take your existing site and create a new look for it while retaining the original content. As a result, part of your corporate image, we can design or redesign your business’ logo as part of our Web Strategy Consultancy.

Web Site Redevelopment

If your current site is getting old and needs to be updated or just isn’t getting a response, maybe it’s time for a makeover. Today’s web users are becoming more sophisticated and have higher expectations. If your website doesn’t capture their interest within the first 3 seconds of viewing it, chances are that they will move on to your competition.

Search Engine Optimization

Firstly, to get a good placement on the top search engines, it is important to include an SEO strategy as part of the web design process.

Web Site Maintenance

Therefore, when you are completing your site, you may want to make changes or updates. Moreover, at Citipro we offer a variety of Website development services ranging from Content Managed websites to dynamic E-Commerce sites with database integration and secure payment capability.

If you’re ready to put your business on the Internet, or you want to take your current website to the next level, contact us today.