Benefits of Email Newsletters

An electronic newsletter (or Email-Newsletter) combines the consistency and benefits of traditional newsletters with the interactivity and effectiveness of the Internet and offers some tremendous benefits. Companies spend a lot of money developing websites but never actually generate revenues from the sites. Often these site are nothing more than expensive electronic brochures.

Difference between text and html E-Newsletters

A text e-Newsletter contains only simple text – just the facts and nothing but the facts. Text e-Newsletters can contain links to other web pages and used to be a preferred method of sending information as it kept files sizes low.

Html newsletters are ones that look like a web page. Html e-Newsletters can be media-rich in content and can contain colors, graphics, animation, sound, pictures, etc. just like a page from a web site.

Why is an Email Newsletter an Important Marketing Tool?

When running a business, one of the most important tasks is to keep in contact with your customers. Developing a successful newsletter program with a solid audience will be an important marketing asset for your company. Without the high costs of paper, ink and postage, e-newsletters cost just a fraction of print. The ability to put a bright, colourful, professional and consistent message out to your prospects and customers on a regular basis provides positive top-of-mind positioning.

Encourage your readers to pass the newsletter along to other interested friends and colleagues and you expand your readership. It’s as easy as forwarding an e-mail.


There are four reasons why users prefer to receive email newsletters:

  • They are kept up to date with informative content
  • The message is delivered straight to the user’s inbox
  • It is simple to access when they want it
  • The Email Newsletter has timely content and real-time delivery

The email newsletter is only successful if it delivers specific and current information, which the user can relate to. A well thought out and regularly published newsletter will not only allow your customers to get to know your company, but also remember you when the need arises – It is a branding exercise. From just a few issues of a newsletter you can start to understand what is of interest to your audience. We can help you to monitor which articles are being read by keeping tabs on which links are clicked. You can place a form on your newsletter to allow readers to refet them buy a product or service. Perhaps you may want include special offers or coupons that your customers can use for their next purchase.

Design plays an important role in your newsletter; users want to read something content that is interesting and pleasant to the eye. You need to stand out from your competitors.

5 tips to consider before launching an e-newsletter campaign:

  1. How does the design of your e-newsletter look? Is it consistent with your corporate image? Does your logo clearly stand out?
  2. Is the content interesting to your target audience or is it just filled with advertisements?
  3. Do you have any statistics or information about the success of the campaign? Are you able to track who opened your emails? When they opened them? Where they clicked? who deleted your e-newsletter?
  4. How have you compiled your database of recipients?
  5. Are you in compliance with SPAM regulations? This is particularly important if you are an Australian business.

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