Choosing the correct hardware for your office

Desktop PC’s

Generally cheaper than notebooks(laptops) with similar specifications. They are easier to upgrade with additional space as a hardware. Desktop PCs come in different sizes, shapes and prices, from ultra-compact models that take very little desk space to large more powerful personal workstations.
Notebooks / Laptops

Suitable if you are constantly on the move and require to take your computer with you, these also come in different sizes and shapes. There are ultra-portable laptops if size and weight is important, these cost a little more.

Hardware – Tablets

Popular for people on the move, as they are lightweight; the screen functionality is LCD touch screen with touch screen rolling and also screen rotation allowing the user to view in either portrait or landscape. With regards to speed, although initially tablets were faster, the newer laptops that are out now are equally as fast when turning the device on. On the other hand there is more flexibility with the laptop over the tablet with regards to input and output options, the ability to use USB and disc based media.

Things to consider with hardware

  • Size
  • Portability
  • Startup time
  • Screen Quality


  • Screen
  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Hard Disk
  • Memory
  • Network
  • Battery Life
  • Environment

Hardware – Accessories to consider (for example)

  • Longer life batteries for notebooks.
  • Docking stations for notebooks.
  • Extra power supply’s, keep one at home, one at work
  • Protection from theft – security locks
  • Carry cases for notebooks.
  • Larger memory for better performance
  • Extended warranties
  • Large, high-definition or multiple monitors.
  • Wireless network adaptors
  • Washable keyboards

With Citipro having strong connections with the leading hardware manufacturers this means customer can benefit from these resources and therefore maximise the return into their business. This gives Citipro the chance to spend more time on the design and implementation of the infrastructure of the solutions for our customers. Citipro ensure only the best technology is supplied to the suit the needs of your business.

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