At Citipro we can offer advice on intellectual property

We have close ties with an intellectual property advice lawyer.

Smaller businesses and start up businesses often don’t think about their intellectual property. The last thing you want for your business is to have an idea or brand stolen by a competitor.

There are many areas of your business which fall into the IP banner and need protecting. We look into all these areas for our customers and give advice on names, logos, products, patents, trademarks and even business model. Having a registered trademark does not entitle you to the domain name of the same name! But these domains can be got if you a strong case for the name.

Our IP lawyer can also give you advice if you feel you brand has been damaged from a result of another person using the same name or similar.

Having a website basically makes your brand global and steps should be taken to discourage misuse. Term and conditions pages for your material should be correctly written, stating clearly all the terms and conditions of the site. Disclaimers such also be visible on website. At Citipro we can write disclaimers, terms and conditions or review and rewrite protecting your intellectual property.

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