The Growth of Social Media Advertising

Social media has become a very popular form of communication and it continues to grow and evolve. It’s possible to reach audiences of all ages all over the world especially with the increase in mobile devices having social networking capabilities. Meaning people are in constant connection which online sites and can get updates in real time.

Social media marketing can give businesses credibility, build reputations and make them trustworthy. Online advertising has become an effective marketing tool in recent years with many different strategies available.


You need potential and current customers to tweet, post, chat, like, share your content, follow your businesses social media pages and build your online presence. You can engage with your customers on person level and build relationships. With online advertising you can increase traffic to your website, grow your brand and in turn increase sales.

Facebook offers pay per click services.

The adverts on Facebook are targeted to specific demographics. Have you notice that for instance if you have your status as “single” the ads displayed will be for dating sites or for health cover for singles! If your status is “engaged” the ads displayed targeting you would be for possible wedding venues, bridal dressers or flowers. You can target customers’ likes and interests such as “sports” or “football” perfect if you are a business selling football shirts. So putting an advert directly in their faces they are unlikely to ignore it and customers will subconsciously remember. But adverts still need to be engaging and attractive to potential customers or they will still be ignored.

Generating new customers through social media

Ideally you want to create a huge fan base or following. As result, in turn convert these fans/followers into leads and finally into sales. However, as simple as it sounds it can be a very tough process. With pay per click advertising as well as natural advertising techniques we can help you get ahead of the competition and bring you targeted specific potential customers to your website.

At citipro we have dedicated division to digital marketing. Moreover, we can help you get the most from online advertising. We can also integrate your social media marketing with other digital marketing campaigns along with traditional campaigns.

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