Thinking about IP telephony?

Unsure of what you need to know, where you should start or who you should partner with? VOIP might be your perfect solution!

We can step you through the entire VOIP telephony process – from vendor consultation to system analysis and ultimately, implementation.

IP Telephony Checklist

  • Planning and evaluation: Will you use a hosted IP service, inhouse IP telephony, or a mix of both?  What is the business case for moving to IP?
  • Pricing and quotes: Is it a fixed price per seat, or are charges tied in with data service costs? What is the cost of network re-engineering, IP devices and IP network equipment? What about training and implementation? Don’t forget to build in costs for downtime or troubleshooting.
  • Developing a project plan: what sites will move to IP and when? How quickly or gradually will IP telephony take over? How and when will users be trained and is material available? How will data and telephony teams cooperate?
  • Develop an implementation plan: in cooperation with the IP telephony partner.
  • Agree on ongoing support: strategies and policies for post-implementation.

Contact us today we can probably save you money on your phone bill with our VOIP system.