Advantages of wireless technology

As people become more mobile. They want to be able to connect to the internet at broadband speeds wherever they are. Moreover, without having to carry around cables. Wireless (Wi-Fi) technology enables users to unplug computers from telephone wires and cable lines. Yet still be connected to the internet, using their own tablets, laptops, mobiles or PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants).

More and more people that use these devices are searching for locations outside of their home and office, to gain access to their work, the web and email. As a result, a rapidly increasing number of coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, conference centres, fast-food venues and other similar venues, are installing wireless internet hotspots. The promise of simple to use and cost-effective wireless Internet solutions is being realised through technologies such as 3G mobile, Wireless Hotspots, Bluetooth and many other,

We can can setup and configure your own corporate wireless network. Moreover, to make your applications and servers available to your employees when they connect at specific locations. Wireless technology is ideal for organisations with consultants or sales staff who are off site. Furthermore, are unable to get back to the office to be online.

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