What is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. It allows you to add, edit and delete content and structure on your website without the need for technical website development skills or programming knowledge. Staff members, with basic computer skills that can use word processing software such as Microsoft Word, can easily be trained to update a website or a section of a website using the CMS.

However, it has become very popular in recent years as it allows organizations to keep the content on their websites up to date without having to rely on technical staff or web developers for every change that they make.

Benefits of a CMS

  • Ability to modify your site content and structure using only a web browser
  • CMS allows you to focus on your business and on the information, you want to deliver through the website. Rather than on web development.
  • Compatibility with most Internet browsers and web standards compliance
  • It saves a lot of time on internal processes by allowing more than one user to contribute to the site – effectively allowing for all employees (from front line staff through to the executive) to publish content through an easy-to-use editor. Content is directed to the assigned editor who decides whether the information should be published. Moreover ‘quality assures’ the copy before it goes live
  • There are huge cost savings with ongoing site maintenance (changes, edits, additions, structures)
  • Information published will be more timely and up to date, given that various contributors and editors are in place to manage the content.
  • Minimal training is required to manage the content of your web site.
  • CMS are flexible systems that will grow as your company grows and the demand for your site grows.
  • Ability to structure workflow and access rights to suit the needs of your organization
  • Simple and intuitive interfaces with powerful functionality All in your web browser, in a plain-language, simple to use environment. Design consistency, functionality, compatibility and technology issues are all handled for you, automatically!

We provide a complete web development service and have developed a proven methodology for establishing your website with CMS. Moreover, we can provide advice on site design and share best practices for building, marketing, launching, and maintaining your site.

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