What is Search engine optimisation (SEO)?

SEO is the processes of getting your website ranked highly in search engines and in turn drive more traffic to your website. Any search engine’s primary goal is to service the needs of the person searching for particular information. The ultimate goal is to rank as high as possible and there are many factors which attribute to this. If you do a search for a particular item or service, the majority of the time you will click on one of the first pages in the search! This is why SEO is very important to any business.


The techniques, tactics and activities used to promote web pages in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo can be very complex, grueling and you must have extensive knowledge in this sector to achieve results. Firstly, SEO has two main categories on page SEO and off page SEO. On page SEO is all the elements on your website content, HTML and architecture. Some of these factors to are:


  • Research – You must research keywords relevant to your business and make sure they are what people will be searching for.
  • Fresh & unique – The website content must be fresh and unique.
  • Quality – Pages must be well written and have quality content
  • Engaging – Content must be engaging. Once you have people on your site you don’t want to lose them because this will affect you bounce rate.
  • HTML – The HTML title tags must contain relevant keywords to the page topic. Images need to have the correct name. Meta tag descriptions must be correct. Furthermore, headlines and subheads should use header tags with relevant keywords.
  • Architecture – Moreover, your site must load quickly. Search engines must be able to easily crawl through pages on your site. Therefore, your website must contain no broken, no 404 error pages and URL’s must contain meaning-full keywords relevant to content.
  • Off page SEO factors
  • Links – If you have links to your site, they must be quality, trusted and from respect sites.
  • Social – You must have strong online social media presence
  • Trust – your site must be trustworthy. Therefore, bad reviews will affect credibility.
  • Personal – you want your site to be remembered you want customers to return to your site.

However, there are also factors which can damage your website ranking and quality score. Such as black hat techniques e.g. buying links and excessive word use.
Getting the correct formula can be an art form because there are so many factors that attribute to getting high search engine results. At Citipro we have experienced team of SEO specialists to help you get the best results. Contact us today.