Website Development & Digital Marketing

Client – Law Firm

A Law firm initially asked us to update and improve their current website in terms of Website Development & Digital Marketing. Being one of the typical old fashioned law firms their old site was just a basic page with small amounts of information. At first, they just wanted the website to have a facelift, keeping in mind the last time they updated/created it was 2001.

They decided to get CMS website so that their receptionist and par legal could update the website with relevant articles, changes in the law and keep all the content fresh and up to date.

For the new website we sourced dynamic new images. Moreover, created relevant graphical icons and gave the website a contemporary, fresh and sophisticated new look.

We also spent a lot of time going through their online marketing strategy. Firstly, asking how they marketed their company, where they mentioned most of their business was generated from word of mouth. We explained how we are in a Digital era. And as a result, through this we could significantly improve their market presence through the new website and Digital Marketing. Moreover, that just a few new customers in 1 month pay for itself, never mind how many in a year.

Along with design of the new website we helped them optimise the content with relevant keywords, which both parties agreed on and which would generate the most relevant traffic to the site. They decided to take advantage of one of our ongoing organic SEO packages and with their newly designed website referrals from the site increasing substantially.

Website Development & Digital marketing – Client comment

“We were completely sheltered and clueless of the capabilities of how important a good online presence is. In order to promote your business and to generate new leads. To begin with we took some convincing especially with the Digital Marketing. But Citipro explained how many more leads we could be generating through SEO. The new look of our website is fantastic and it’s given our business a new lease of life. Our new clients have increased by 30% which is fantastic. We have had to take on two extra staff just to cover the new work load. I would certainly not hesitate in recommending Citipro”

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